Leave the Auto Repair Work to the Professionals

Get the general auto repairs you need in Grand Junction, CO

You can probably check your tire pressure and replace your windshield wipers yourself, but when it comes to heavy duty repairs it's best to call a mechanic. BlackSheep Auto Repair will take care of any general auto repairs you need. You'll be impressed by our top-notch equipment and dedication to customer service.

Call now to request our general auto repairs in Grand Junction, CO.

Don't let your vehicle fall into disrepair

Don't let your vehicle fall into disrepair

If you need engine repairs, we've got it covered. We'll check under the hood and do any tuning up or maintenance that needs done. You can be sure that you're driving away with your engine in great condition.

You can count on us for all kinds of repairs and maintenance, including:

  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Carbon and fuel filter changeouts
  • Carburetor overhauls
  • Clutch service
  • Engine light diagnostics
  • Head gasket replacements
  • State inspections
  • Water pump services

We do pretty much everything when it comes to maintaining your car. If you aren't sure, just ask.

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